Okay, you heard the man during the SDP rallies.

He wants to lead from the front and be a full time MP for Bukit Batok.

I say no more mud-slinging.

Let the man lead and prove his capability


No gutter politics like Grace Fu or Halimah Yacob – Shame on them. How dare they bring Dr Chee character into question….again!

Let us instead take Dr Chee on his word.

Let us compare the state of the Town Councils that the SDP aka Dr Chee has managed previously.


SDP’s Ling How Doong defeat Seet Ai Mee to win Bukit Gombak 12,037 to 11,383. At the same time, another SDP candidate, Cheo Chai Chen defeated PAP’s Ng Pock Too by 0.6% (12,709 to 12,541). This increase the opposition wards to 4.

These 4 opposition-led wards -SDP’s Nee Soon Central, Bukit Gombak and Potong Pasir, and Workers’ Party-led Hougang -all managed the estates themselves, which meant that the MPs had direct control over appointments.

All four had at least one party member on the pay-roll.

Managment wise, at the end of the term under SDP, Bukit Gombak had an operating deficit for the year of $ 1.14 million, while Nee Soon Central had a shortfall of $532,969, and Potong Pasir, $ 150,714. (Source The Straits Times)

This is despite the fact that they had started with a healthy account of millions of dollars.

Remember the AHPETC saga under the WP that the PAP repeated like a broken record during parliament and well into the hustings of GE2015?

Well it’s the same thing.

Monies unaccounted for. Lots of it.

While we may not have the internet to search for a person’s track record back then, it is much easier to do so today.

Don’t take our word for this – Read  what the internet said below.