The Hokkaido Tourism Organisation released a brochure asking tourists (yep, that’s you) to not burp, fart or talk loudly in public. The guide also lists behaviour that it deems unacceptable, including “not eating all your food”.

The brochures are being printed in English as well as in Chinese and comes after China stated they would be monitoring the behaviour of their citizens going abroad and punish the unruly upon returning. Perhaps Singapore could do something similar.

Here are some of the top picks from the brochure:

1) Speak in whispers!


For those that would just like some peace and quiet, then you would appreciate this. It would be nice not having to shout over the people at the next table talking loudly.

2) No Burping or Farting in Public!


Have you ever experienced walking along the street at night and suddenly, you smell something shockingly horrible. It jolts you from your lazy stroll. The man walking right in front of you just let one go. Well, that is not going to be a problem for you in Japan. You’ve been warned to be modest and discreet when performing your bodily functions. So, please go to a corner.

3) No wasting food!


This seems to be one of the biggest perennial problems in Singapore: food wastage. Singapore could maybe take a leaf out of the Japanese concept of “Mottainai” or regret for waste. Just remember it is good to finish all your food or you might be indirectly telling your hosts that their food sucks.

BUT if the food really sucks, then of course don’t eat it!


Credit to The Hokkaido Tourism Organization