There was this picture circulating around online of a baby goat which looked like a human baby… Talking about freaky, this one will make you throw up your breakfast.


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Apparently, this newborn goat was found by a Malaysian, Ibrahim Basir, in his pen when his farmhand reported to him that there was a newborn goat. We have two explanations of why this could happen.

1) It could be a Faun or a Satyr

A faun or a Satyr? It really depends if you’re a believer of Roman or Greek mythology. A faun is a half-human, half-goat manifestation of forest and animal spirits that would help or hinder humans at whim. It’s also known to inspire fear in human. Oops. I think even if this baby goat was not dead, Ibrahim should think twice about bringing it up.


2) Could it be a love child of a human and a goat?

Okie this may sound incredulous but let’s not underestimate the wonders of nature. If a liger can exist, who says a love-deprived male owner who’s obsessed with his goat cannot produce a hugoat/goatman? Oh well, there’s another question. How do they do it, the coitus? Let’s keep the thoughts to ourselves…


“I think my tiger mum slept with the uncle with the bushy moustache next door”