By now, you would have heard that Minister Heng Swee Keat has joined in the fray into the whole character assassination assessment of Dr Chee Soon Juan.
On 1 May 16 afternoon, Ah Heng (cause it is apparently endearing to add an Ah, like Ah Mu) posted the following:


While I think Ah Heng made a valid point, the interesting point about his post is that he is the only minster among the younger batch of PAP ministers to jump onto the Whack-A-Chee bandwagon.

Other ministers, such as Chan Chun Sing, Ong Ye Kung, Ng Chee Meng, Tan Chuan Jin and Lawrence Wong have remained silent on the issue thus far.

Which beg the question, why him of all people?

After all, he doesn’t really have the face and temperament to be an attack dog. Just look at him. (So cute. No bite)



(Photos from ChannelNewsAsia)


No bite!

Perhaps Ah Heng was trying to profile himself as a potential PM by whacking Chee? 

After all, the late LKY did say that whoever governs Singapore must have the iron in him. And Ah Heng looks like he is suffering from iron deficiency.

In any case, + 1 to you, Ah Heng.

But honestly speaking, pick on someone your own size lah (By that, I mean political stature, not physical size. Cause not many opposition leaders are that short…)

Why pick on a man who has so much baggage, which makes him a very easy target.


Not very tall… (Photo from TodayOnline)

We would like to see Ah Heng face off with WP’s Low Thia Kiang or Sylvia Lim in Parliament or at the next general election. If Ah Heng wants to prove that he has the iron in him to lead this country, then that would be an apt baptism of fire.

Ah Heng, are you up to the challenge?