Vital statistics: 34E – 23.5 – 35

Do we have your attention now?



 Touted as one of the sexiest international spinners, DJ Angie Vu Ha, a Vietnamese-descent model turned DJ hogged the spotlight recently.

Vu is currently detained in Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center since last November for parental kidnapping charges. She has a dedicated site regarding her ongoing court case, and even petitions calling for people to “Free Angie” (on and GoPetition).


In an exclusive interview with New York Daily News, she shed some light on how life is behind bars. Vu lamented that the lack of expensive skincare products and sunlight has ruined her skin, and that she needed “good supply of Guerlain’s moisturiser”. She also confessed that she “miss (her) Versace dresses and Louboutin heels”.


She added the torture of having no “real mirror” as well saying “we all buy this tiny piece of plastic … but the images are distorted. I wish there should be at least one full-length mirror in here. I haven’t looked at myself for months. It’s cruel.”


For those who haven’t heard of Vu before, here are some quick facts:

  • Born on 3 June 1987
  • Height: 172cm
  • Vital statistics: 34E – 23.5 – 35
  • Started modelling since 17 and was discovered soon after by a film director who gave her leading role in a TV series
  • Bestowed with the title of ‘International Super Model’
  • Based in New York
  • Has nearly 2.5 million fans on her official Facebook page


Vu’s remarks on prison life have attracted much attention – mostly expressing incredulousness. She was slammed and called various names – an airhead, a bimbo, and other mean ones. Can’t blame them for doing so as perhaps Vu didn’t get the memo that prison ain’t no fashion runway…



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