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How many books did CSJ sell and how much he made

There is a huge interest about  Mr Chee Soon Juan unemployment for the past two decades. People are interested as to how he could choose to remain unemployed and still raise three adorable children despite the high cost of living in Singapore that many complained about.

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Speculation ran rife.

There were whispers of dirty money from foreigners with suspicious agenda and his wife’s connection with the Taiwanese mafia.

Chee Soon Juan was after all  terminated by NUS as a lecturer in 1997and declared a bankrupt in 2006.

How did he manage to survive for so long and even raise his family? . .

Surely there are simple answers to these questions.

Chee Soon Juan writes books


(Picture from Mothership.SG)

Chee Soon Juan has written at least 8 books.


We did a quick search on Google to find out how authors make their monies and were surprised that it was even more difficult that we had initially thought.

How do writers make money?

You sign a contract with a publisher. In exchange for signing over the North American and English language print rights to your book and possibly other rights, as well, you are paid one of three ways:

  1. Flat fee: a set amount of money upfront that’s yours to keep. The amount does not change no matter how well the book sells. For example, if your flat fee is $10,000, the amount remains the same no matter if the book sells 10 copies or 10 million.
  2. Royalties: a small amount paid to you for every book sold.
  3. Advance against royalties: a sum of money upfront to you with the promise of more (royalties) should the book sell well.

Option 3 would be the most desirable among authors. A further check on Google revealed that the market rate for royalties for an average author (i.e not JRR Tolkien) is about 10% of the retail price. (Source)

Singapore infamous blogger and Hong Lim Park activist – Mr Roy Ngerng once calculated that the optimal minimum starting pay for parents with two children was about $3,500 (2013).


Chee Soon Juan books are sold for $12- $50. He will therefore earn $1.20 to $5 in royalties for every book he sells. Based on Mr Roy’s estimated salary, Mr Chee would have to sell about  700 ($50 book) to 2 900 ($12 book) consistently per month for the past two decades just to get by.


(Picture form Mothership.SG)


(The price of one of CSJ books “Democratically Speaking”)

Not forgetting his debt (at least $300 000) from multiple lawsuits  he faced during his time as a politician, Mr Chee would have to sell additional 60 000 to 250 000 copies to clear his debt.

Many are calling him a fraud and has requested for him to declare his ‘sponsors’.

I say they have the right to be skeptical.

(Chee Soon Juan looking sharp in his suit despite being unemployed for the past two decades)

Where is Mr Chee Soon Juan getting his funds from?  –  His books were never the best sellers. 

The maths does not add up.


(Photo Credit: Temasek Review)

Despite the odds he faced and the mystery surrounding his monies, Mr Chee Soon Juan is still standing tall and is contesting Bukit Batok SMC for the By-Election.

Singaporeans, if under him, would definitely be the envy of others.

They could afford to be jobless (like CSJ) and maintain their standard of living (like CSJ who drives a car and look sharp in suits) without worrying for anything at all other than getting into parliament.





  1. Samuel Lee

    Hi Thoughts of Real Singaporeans,

    IRAS has all the details on how Dr Chee and his wife survived throughout the years.

    If Dr Chee and his wife has dubious source of funds, then ex-Finance Ministers of PM Lee Hsien Loong, DPM Tharman and current Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat should launch an investigation against him.

    Since there aren’t any now, and ELD has accepted Dr Chee / SDP political donation forms and issued a certificate for him to run the election, therefore it means that the finance ministers and ELD has accepted whatever Dr Chee file his income to IRAS is true and complete.

    Unless, you are suggesting that these finance ministers and even CPIB (Founded by late Lee Kuan Yew) are incompetent?

  2. Hot Male


    The IB’s have “upgraded”. Must be tough learning that you were never good enough.

  3. wong weng foo

    Let’s face it, he’s either a genius when it comes to fooling the relevant tax authorities or whatever he submitted is the truth. In any case I’m not interested in how he survived all these years. I just hope he doesn’t get elected simply because he don’t look like a person that can be trusted. The way he speaks and projects himself is so fake. If I’m to vote,I would NEVER IN MY LIFE give my vote to him.

    • Samuel Lee

      Someone cannot differentiate between Opinions and Facts….

      Fools the tax authority?

      Since when PAP authority is so useless?

      And yes, your speech constitutes libel as well.

    • Ben

      Cos ure simply daft and brainwashed

    • Since when has election degenerated into how one looks?

  4. Gabriel

    Can we have more postings of the Vietnamese DJ, Vu Ha please?

  5. Joker

    According to his sister, Chee is not dishonest and does not abuse his authority or power. That is good enough for a Bukit Batok voter like me. His character has bot been questioned by family who have stood by him through thick and thin not only power and money

  6. Kong

    Your are WRONG!
    The last time I bought a book from SDP rally.
    I paid $100 for 1 book.
    So it there are 10 persons like me, there will be $1000 for only 10 books.
    Your maths also does not add up!!!!

  7. Kong

    You got it all WRONG!
    Some people will pay $100 for 1 book.
    If there are 10 such people, there will be $1000 for 10 books
    Maths does not always add up the way you think!

  8. Annie

    I heard that his sister (and maybe other family members too, but that’s my guess) had helped him financially, and if I remember correctly, his sister actually helped him raise the money to pay the $300,000. Let’s not make wild guesses here, please. I trust Dr Chee. And I believe that he’s an honourable man. You may be wondering why? Well, I trust my gut feelings because they are usually right so far. You can always choose to tune in to your higher intelligence.

    • Samuel Lee

      This article is full of bull****.

      Dr Chee pays only $30,000 to get himself discharge. Not $300k.

      No lawyers in Singapore wants to represent him, so he does not pay a lot in legal fee (Except possibly to PAP’s legal cost. But to trust that to be $300,000?)

    • Jerry

      Annie the genius

  9. Ahmad

    As usual tha PAP will not kick a dead dog
    They will try to demonised a politician that they fear most

    JB Jeyaretnam, Francis Seow, Tang Liang Hong and now Chee Soon Juan

    This is how immature the PAP is

  10. Jy

    It could be inherited wealth from family! Afterall , people his generation who can afford to go overseas pursue PHD should be quite well to do.
    And give this man a break, he is squeezing himself in a super small hdb unit and a super old car.
    What more u want?

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