Much has been said by about part-time MPs versus full-time MPs, and their ability to properly serve their constituents’ needs.

SDP’s Chee Soon Juan, in particular, has been going on about how if elected, he will serve his constituents as a full-time MP, unlike his PAP rival Murali, who is a full-time lawyer.


I am sure Chee means the best: that he will commit most, if not all his waking moments to working and serving the good residents of Bukit Batok, helping them get rid of their rat problem, ensuring trains never breakdown (at least not in their constituency).

Chee and the SDP are free to decide how they want to prioritise their time to better serve BB residents’ needs. It is a free world, or as free as it gets in Singapore.

But one wonders, though, if Chee’s position applies only to himself, or to the entire party he leads?

After all, one should lead by example.

My question, then is, if Chee and his team had won Holland-Bukit Timah in 2015, would Prof Paul Tambyah have quit his job at NUH so that he would not be tagged as a ‘part-time MP’ that doesn’t serve wholeheartedly?




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