And now, we name babies after airlines

Over the past few years, parents have begun to give all sorts of weird names to their children. Some more recent ones were inspired by Game of Thrones, with names like Daenerys, Euron, Arya, Theon and Tyrion.

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In fact, The Independent UK published a report last august highlighting that 53 babies were named Khaleesi, nine were named Daenerys, six Sansa and four Brienne. Now, seriously imagine how your child might feel being called Khaleesi Ng or Daenerys Lee throughout their education.

But beyond Game of Thrones and Disney cartoons, Singaporeans have gone on to name their children after airlines.

And today, we welcome “Saw Jet Star”.

Mingalapar! Here's another look at Saw Jet Star, the baby boy born onboard Jetstar flight 3K583 to Yangon on Friday 22…

Posted by Jetstar Asia on Thursday, April 28, 2016

A mother decided to name her son after the airline after she gave birth on a flight from Singapore to Yangon last Friday (22 April).

She mentioned it was to show her appreciation for the care she received. The mother gave birth on flight 3K583 and she was attended to by the crew on board and luckily, 3 other doctors who happened to be on board.

News reports mentioned Jetstar Asia is going to give $1,000 in baby supplies to the family and baby Jet Star is the first baby to be born on a Jetstar Asia flight.

Perhaps being called Mr Jet Saw isn’t such a bad thing.