A voter should consider all there is to consider before voting, to the best of their ability.

Both Chee Soon Juan and Murali has spoken on a lot of stuff (mainly CSJ la, Murali messages gets lost most of the time).

Since they will be having their first rally later – It is timely to recall what they have said and posed them these questions (or at least have these question in mind when listening to their rallies)


Let us first take a look at Murali Pillai in the first of this two-part series. (We will look at Chee Soon Juan later today)

*Note: I do not have an answer to these questions but I remember a saying I heard once before….. “It is better to not know the answers to questions rather than to have answers that cannot be questioned.”……

Murali Pillai

1 – WHO on God’s green earth is advising you on your social media strategy?

2 – Why on GOD’s green earth are  party heavyweights like DPM  Tharman doing so much talking and campaigning for you? How do we know that you can speak up in Parliament for us? (You cannot ownself campaign ownself issit?)

3 – Can you explain if there is such thing as a part time MP. (Does a full time MP work more than a part time MP?)

4 – You cannot speak mandarin well. How can you ensure that you can serve the Chinese residents of Bukit Batok well? (or even converse with them in the first place)

5 – Are you just another PAP MP? Or a man that is willing to speak up in parliament for your residents?

6 – You spent a lot of time knocking door to door. What is THE one thing that Bukit Batok residents are concerned with? (Please come straight to the point and for goodness sake I know it is definitely not parks or jogging tracks)

7 – Are you an avid football fan. Who is your favourite club? Do you think our S-league has a future in Singapore?

8 – $1.9 Millions or $24 Millions