Political hustings have begun with Nomination Day. Bukit Batok residents, prepare yourself for rallies from both sides where politicians will bombard you with numerous promises. Promises may be empty but your stomachs shouldn’t be. So, before and after rallies when you feel hungry, fret not. Bukit Batok is a treasure trove of good food.

1. Mayim Chinese Cuisine (West Mall, #02-04)

West Mall may be a lacklustre shopping mall but it houses a restaurant which serves mouth-watering Chinese food. There’s no out-of-the world gastronomic concoctions here but the affordable tze-char style food is definitely worth the queue. Don’t forget the durian pudding.


Classic marinated chicken with shredded ham
(Photo credit: http://heeatsnonstop.blogspot.sg/)


Durian pudding
(Photo credit: http://www.shootnblog.com/)

2. Ke Kou Duck Rice (Blk 207, Bukit Batok St. 21)

Imagine the thick and dark gravy being drizzled over your duck rice, then it trickles down the firm but not too hard duck meat and the nice and soft egg which is not overcooked; one can start to salivate. Ke Kou is not just famous for its duck rice but the herbal soup that comes with it. A plate of warm duck rice will sure help you to kickstart the rally fervour.


Braised duck with egg
(Photo credit: http://littlejoyofbeary.blogspot.sg/)

3. Soon Kee Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee (Blk 55, Bukit Batok St 11)

This heart disease-causing meal is surely not for the “faint-hearted”. We all know that a plate of fried hokkien prawn mee won’t be complete without the lard. But… Soon Kee’s plate of “antheroclerosis” is also topped up with roast pork! The marriage of large fresh prawns, squids, roast pork and the rightly-wet noodles is one that will last for a long time.


Classic marinated chicken with shredded ham (Photo credit: http://heeatsnonstop.blogspot.sg/)

4. Eng Kee Noodle House

Wanton noodle is common but we all know it’s not an easy feat to cook it. In my opinion, the art lies in how to make the noodles al-dente or springy in our own lingo. Another important element is of course, the wanton. Eng Kee’s wanton envelops a generous amount of filling and the meat is well-marinated.


Wanton noodle
(Photo credit: http://www.ladyironchef.com/)

5. Fatty Weng (Blk 155, Bukit Batok Street 11)

The Hall of Fame for local fares will not be completed without Orh Luak (oyster omelette) and Fatty Weng’s orh luak has a fair mix of fried egg and gummy tapioca starch. Topping up with a generous dose of oysters, this makes the perfect choice for supper. Remember to hit the gym afterwards.


Oyster omelette
(Photo credit: http://johorkaki.blogspot.com/)