Chee Soon Juan played his cards right and pulled on the heartstrings of his audience. He is an incredible speaker.  When he speaks, he draws you in, selling you his hopes and dreams.  It is definitely a skill in which Murali (who is rather shy) cannot match.(Out of sheer desperation, we did some memes for Murali to boost his publicity)


sgwegqr “Ill work for BB like I’m campaigning now – here first thing in the morning”

“Every morning, when Mr Murali wakes up, his first destination will be him office. When I wake up every morning, my first destination is Bukit Batok. That’s the difference”

“One more PAP MP makes no difference, One more opposition MP will”

“Bukit Batok will be a model town that is the envy of others . . .”



On hearing Murali Upgrading plans…“You don’t hear a mother saying I will love you only if you give me money … when we care for Singaporeans, we care for them unconditionally, not whether we win or not”


“Mai Tu LIow!” Now is the time!




Such passion. Such dedication. Such conviction.

You want to know who else had the same swagger . . . .

Pastor Kong Hee




(Kong Hee during one of his sermons: Pray, Worship and Rest)



(He was found guilty in 2015 for misappropriating church funds and sentenced to eight years jail.)

See where I am coming from now.

(I am not telling you that CSJ misappropriated the church funds, all i am telling you is to be careful. Take a step back and examine again if what CSJ had said made sense.)

If his audience stop to think, they would realise that there are several issues.

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1. You need not be a full time MP to run a constituency

CSJ hit a good spot, pointing out to the audience that as a full time MP, he will go to Bukit Batok residents in the morning instead of his day job (referring to Murali who is a part time MP).

But is this arrangement necessarily better?

Chee Soon Juan has been unemployed since the late 90’s when he was terminated by NUS for misusing its funds. The MP job (assuming he wins) will be the only job he has (after a long time)!

Additionally, I personally do not think that there is such a thing as a part time MP because truly, the job is a thankless one that requires your heart and soul.

Is our PM considered a part time MP? Are Ang Mo Kio GRC residents short-changed because they have PM Lee as their MP? Do you see PM Lee serving the residents with lesser zeal than a full time MP like Low Thia Khiang?

2. You need a team to run the constituency.

One person cannot run the constituency (even if he is Chee Soon Juan)

You need a dedicated team of experienced individuals to run the Town Council and manage the needs of resident. Heck, even the Workers’ Party  (with years of experience managing Aljunied Town Council) had problems balancing their accounts when audited in their AHPETC constituency. You can read all about it here 

Is the SDP team capable enough? Do they have the resources and the skills to run a town council? (No track record…)

3. Voting for Dr Chee will strengthen parliamentary debates because he can be your alternative voice

There are merits in his argument here. Alternative voices (like the NMPs and the NCMPs) do strengthen the debates in parliament.

However will Dr Chee  also add-value to these debates?

Based on history, he will not.This is because he is a populist. He talks to people on the ground, gather their inputs and present them in Parliament. Does he have a solution for these problems? –No.

His policies talk the good talk about helping the less fortunate and the needy but the caveat is that it often involves dipping into our National Reserves and as a result are highly not sustainable (i.e affecting future generations)

We would like to share with you a recent  speech by PMwhich he delivered during the administrative service dinner promotion ceremony 2016.

(I urge you to read it with Dr Chee in mind).

“The voters elect the party whose programmes, track record and character best meet their aspirations and win their confidence.

They imagine that with a system in place, all we need is to do is to hold elections. Some party will win the elections, it will form the Government and those who are elected will automatically be able to lead and run the country. After all, we have a good civil service and the civil service will always be there to make things work. So, we do not really need to worry about stabilisers, safeguards, checks and balances or a good government. The system will work and produce a good outcome, automatically and forever.

This is a complacent and a mistaken view. No system is fail-safe, and impossible to crash. Just look at these European countries with longer histories and better-established institutions than us, and with a stronger sense of nationhood and yet they have run into these problems. Why should we believe that we are immune to this? Globalisation and technology affect us too. The lure of extremism and radicalisation, of seductive pseudo-solutions to complex challenges, is real. Our politics too can turn sour, or go wrong. Our policies may turn out to be ill-conceived, may fail to win support even if they are theoretically correct, or simply may be overwhelmed by events beyond our control. All this has not happened to us yet. We have been very lucky but it can happen, and more quickly than most of us imagine.”

Would you still vote for Dr Chee ?