The thing about elections is that party members, and not just the candidate, will be under heavy scrutiny. After all, a political party is the sum of its members, right?

It has come to our attention that SDP members have been in the news for the wrong reasons lately. Black sheeps damage a party’s brand/image.

(Actually PAP members also got la .. that David Ong lor.. paisey sia)

We agree with Dr Chee that now is the time to vote for the SDP.

However before we go any further, we hope that Dr Chee will spend some time addressing the following, so that voters know what kind of party they are voting for should they vote for SDP:

(I mean we don’t doubt Dr Chee, but we would like to know more about the rest of his party members too)

  1. Tussle over a picture of Mr Chiam See Tong

A few days ago, Lina Chiam said on Facebook that Dr Chee did not receive permission to include a picture of Mr Chiam See Tong and Dr Chee Soon Juan in a SDP newsletter. Lina Chiam also emphasised that the Chiams had not given their endorsement to any candidate for in the up-coming Bukit Batok by-election

SDP’s reply to Lina Chiam’s statement was that this is an old SDP newsletter from July 2015, giving everyone the impression that it has nothing to do with Bukit Batok, so Lina Chiam misunderstood SDP. Dr Chee himself brushed off the issue, saying that he just wanted to focus on Bukit Batok and everything else were distractions.

But what SDP didn’t tell you was that SDP has been mass-circulating the same newsletter in Bukit Batok, right from the start of their BB campaign!

So sure, while the newsletter was from July 2015, surely SDP had an agenda in circulating that particular picture….again

(imagine  MURALI using LKY picture for his Bukit Batok campaign !!..pple confirm make kpkb what…)

You be the judge.

  1. Drug Offence

SDP Chairman Jeffrey George was arrested for drug offence in November 2015. Shocking?

Indeed, Mr Chee Soon Juan also told that Straits Times on 3 Nov 16 that the news came as a shock. Chiam also said that “I have known Jeff for many years and all this time he has discharged his duties as an SDP member and leader with professionalism. He is respected and well-liked by his party colleagues”.

I guess Dr Chee didn’t know Mr George that well after all. Perhaps Dr Chee should re-evaluate the party’s screening process for new members, especially those holding important exco positions.

(Any PAP members caught for criminal activities other than personal indiscretion?)

  1. Radical Islamist who wanted to join the ISIS in Syria

In September 2015, it was reported that Mohd Shamin Mohd Sidek was arrested under the ISA as he had planned to travel to Syria to join ISIS. It was also reported that Mohd Shamin was a SDP member, though mentions of his association with SDP was removed subsequently.

We hope that Dr Chee would address these three cases in his rallies, and convince Bukit Batok voters (and the rest of Singapore for that matter) why his party is still the right choice for Singaporeans despite having such black sheeps in the party.

(Same question again, any PAP members caught for criminal activities other than personal indiscretion?)


The SDP is more than just Dr Chee.

When we vote for Dr Chee, we will also be voting for his team… but the party is only as strong as its weakest link and is a sum of all its members.

Perhaps with the exception of Dr Chee, can we trust the rest of the SDP team enough, to vote for them in this By Election.