We have mentioned this before. We really really really hated discussiong about the S-League.

Heck, even when politicians addressed the sorry state of the league in the COS debate in 2014 over the troubles it has faced over the lack of fan interest, not much has improved

The S-league once drew 30 000 fans to its stadium (game between SAF and Geylang).

That year was 1996. (10 freaking years ago)

Singapore best striker is/was Aleksandar Duric (Bosnian born Singapore International).

Btw, he was still top striker at the age of 44 (before he retired in end of 2014)

The S-league has faced numerous failings. #understatement

From PAP man Zainuddin Nordin not knowing what he is doing, to ridiculous pole dancers during an awards nights (who could forget that!)


Credit: Mothership

(Check out how that infamous awards night went here)

We have wardrobes clash at an S-league game.

We have the flip flopping of restriction age for players in the league.

We also have the flip flopping of decisions to impose a fine on the bottom two clubs.

We have merger of teams (leading to overnight unemployment of players and backroom staff)

We have Lions XI leaving the M-league due to administration differences (second time we left the M-league)

Now in the latest incident, we have Tampines Rovers (who signed former Liverpool and Arsenal star Jermain Pennant) saying that they do not have enough money to see the season out and asking the FAS for financial assistance. (here)

I don’t know what is right with the S-league anymore.

Incidents like this really calls into question the quality of leadership in Singapore football. The FAS will have to be responsible for all these.

(I mean no decisions are made without their approval what!)

All I know is that Singapore soccer is in a regressive state. We can’t even play in void decks anymore!


It literally is the butt of jokes