Less than a week away from Nomination Day in Bukit Batok SMC , cracks are already starting to show in the SDP camp.

Paul Tambyah


Anyone noticed that Dr Paul Tambyah is missing in the run up to Bukit Batok by elections?

He was one of the most prominent figure for SDP during the last elections with many comparing him to Tharman. He spoke at length about SDP social policies and was a key opposition member campaigning for the  the Holland -Bukit Timah GRC.

Why is he quiet now that SDP has the opportunity to contest inBukit Batok SMC. (Heck he is not even seen in the pictures anymore)

Chiam See Tong

Mrs Lina Chiam said in her latest post that both Mr Chiam and her do not endorse Chee Soon Jun campaigning for Bukit Batok SMC.


The public knows all about the history between Chiam See Tong and Chee Soon Juan. Dr Chee has also worked hard to portray an image of a rehabilitated person that the public could trust but… is there something new that we do not know?

For your info, the newsletter that Lina Chiam was referring to is attached below.  Additionally, SDP has also replied to Lina:

The image that Mrs Lina Chiam is referring to is an article in an issue of The New Democrat published in June 2015 which I had written. It recounts my effort in 2010 to try bring Mr Chiam back to the SDP. I did this because I believe that the opposition should show greater unity and I have always tried to work towards that end. In this case it was not to be although to the SDP’s credit, it was open to the idea. The SDP was not seeking any endorsement from Mr or Mrs Chiam.”



Picture Credit: The Online Citizen

Essentially, SDP explained that it was an old newsletter (from 2015). It has got nothing to do with the upcoming BB election and definitely not trying to get the Chiam’s endorsement.

Which begets the question – Why start circulating it in the first place, specially since the start of SDP Bukit Batok campaign?

There may be many questions surrounding the SDP camp but one thing is for sure, Dr Chee is an individual that divides opinions. 

As nomination day nears, will we see more cracks appearing in the SDP camp?

(*BTW im already enjoying the SDP IBs fight the SPP IBs.)

Get ready your popcorn…