Euro 2016 to cost 26.5% more than Euro 2012


I am looking forward to Euro 16.

After all, it is probably the last chance to see Sweden’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic in a major international competition, and one of the rare occasions to see Wales’ Gareth Bale playing such a big international stage as well.

Euro 16 will also be a welcomed distraction to help me overcome my disappointment with my beloved Arsenal, who recently threw away their best chance to win the BPL in a decade.



But I felt sian when Singtel announced their pricing plan for the competition.

$88 (including GST). 88 F R E A K I N G dollars.

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To be fair, there are more games this time round. 31 games for Euro 12, and 51 games for Euro 16. (This is because Euro 16 expanded to include more national teams this time round). So thats an average of  $1.72 per game for Euro 16


But seriously lah, I don’t think my salary increased by 26.5% since Euro 12.

Some more the games all start so late (or early, depending on how you define it), I probably can’t watch that all the games to maximise the cost

We have one last hope in StarHub, who haven’t announced their pricing plans yet.

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Minister Yaacob Ibrahim, better ask your telcos to wake up their idea man, else football-crazy fans in Bukit Batok will confirm plus chop guarantee punish the government at the Bukit Batok by-election.

This will be a part of Rising cost of living because Football is part and parcel of the daily life of many Singaporeans. #Fact

I am still looking forward to Euro 16, but I refuse to bow down to these money sucking capitalists. And I urge the rest of you to do the same, else they will think that we are a bunch of idiots who are more than happy to be exploited all the time.

Like the 70%. (Oops).

I guess it is time to explore other *ahem* options. Heh.