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A Bukit Batok Resident’s Response to SDP’s Social Programme for Bukit Batok SMC

Hi readers,

It’s me, the Bukit Batok resident again.

In case you missed my previous article, I wrote about my response to SDP’s response to Budget 2016 a couple of weeks ago.

The writ has since been issued, and nomination day is fast approaching (on 27 Apr 16). It really is exciting times in Bukit Batok, and I think many of my fellow residents actually enjoy the limelight and being wooed by the PAP and SDP. (It is usually a small, quiet and old town that most people don’t care about.)

Some of the articles out there have focused on the candidates’ character, with the bulk of it targeting Dr Chee’s morals, or lack thereof. I believe that morals are less important when it comes to politics, since I don’t think most politicians (including the ones in white) are angels. #fact

Expecting good morals in politicians is like expecting Singapore to qualify for the World Cup – something that is almost non-existent/impossible. #alsoafact

Hence, what I am looking out for are the candidates’ policies, and whether they can do the job i.e. what can they realistically do to make my life better. The key word is REALISTICALLY, cause candidates tend to promise you the moon while courting your vote and then conveniently forget about these promises after the elections.

So far, Murali hasn’t elaborated much on his plans for Bukit Batok, except for the general motherhood statements like “oh, I’m gonna focus on the poor”, “oh, people say economy not good, people fear losing their jobs so we need to address that”.

Lame. He needs to up his game. Seriously.

I will look into Murali’s proposed policies in greater detail when he actually has something more concrete, if ever.

On the other hand, we have Dr Chee with his alternative policies. Just yesterday, SDP held a press conference to launch their “We are One, We Are Bukit Batok” social programme for Bukit Batok SMC should Dr Chee get elected into parliament.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGtWWb9emYI]
(WE ARE ONE – The Official 2014 Fifa World Cup Song. Samba time SDP~)

The social programme consists of four components:

  • “Hearts for Bukit Batok” – Aimed at helping elderly and needy residents. Residents are encouraged to adopt a needy family to get financial and emotional support. Trust fund to give assistance to the needy. Dr Chee to use his MP allowance to assist 10 families.
  • “Pathfinder” – Subsidised private tuition for kids from poor families.
  • “Dollars and Cents” – Free financial advice coordinated by former presidential candidate Tan Kin Lian
  • “Legal Lifeline” – Free legal clinic for low-income families.


Now, I’m sure Dr Chee and SDP mean well, however Dr Chee fails to explain how these programmes are different or better than the ones that are already present !!!!.

(There are many, many other similar programmes already in place in the SMC, and across the nation, either already offered by the government or by other self-help groups. Besides, PAP will probably be able to run these programmes better cause they have more experience and economies of scale (and funds, of course).

The main difference between SDP’s social programmes and those that are already in place? – Fanciful names.

So for me personally, the idea of voting for Dr Chee to improve my estate is out.

Nonetheless, perhaps there is still merit in voting in Dr Chee to raise certain issues that WP MPs are hesitant to bring up. I will mull over this, and perhaps express my thoughts in another piece before polling day.

Meanwhile, I shall just enjoy the media circus in Bukit Batok while it lasts. Looking forward to shake Dr Chee’s or Murali’s hands tomorrow morning as I enjoy my kaya toast and Kopi C at the coffee shop.

Meeting Dr Chee’s chiobu daughter will be a bonus, too. *melts



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  1. Jun Wei, Brian Lee

    Why not look at what Dr Chee could do for the entire nation, rather than just looking at what Dr Chee could do for Bukit Batok? You sort of hinted at it, but that discussion is largely non-existent. My mind drifts as to why and for whom you’re writing this article for as a result. Hmm…

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