I don’t know where you’ve been if you’ve never heard of DOTS recently.

Everyone woman I know can’t stop uttering “Captain Si-Jin!” before breaking out into girly giggle fits. ZOMG!

Err, does it ring a bell yet? Seriously?! Fine.

Descendants Of The Sun in full for those uninitiated.


The recently-concluded mega popular South Korean drama shone its light (pun fully intended!) and stole everyone’s heart. It broke the Internet (at least in the region lah) every single time a new episode was aired!

Starring baby-faced heartthrob Song Joong Ki and Korea’s most beautiful woman Song Hye Kyo, the drama has all the ingredients for a successful K-drama (judging from the trailer) – gorgeous human beings, sexy men in uniform, a (melodramatic) love story etc. Formulaic but hey, you can’t expect anything else from a K-drama right?


The booming success of the drama had even converted some of my friends who are not fan of Korean dramas to fanatics (of Song Joong Ki, of course). I also knew others who slept two hours just to binge watch the series.

DOTS’ overwhelming popularity even led the China’s Ministry of Public Security to issue a warning which said: “Watching Korean dramas could be dangerous, and even lead to legal troubles”.

Incredulous but this indeed happened.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the Hallyu wave (an avid fan of K-pop in fact!) but I don’t have the desire to catch DOTS even though EVERYONE was talking about it.

Initially, I kept telling others that I will start watching it once there were 10 subbed episodes. I was very curious on what the hype was. But alas, I find the desire dissipating faster than ever.

Can’t pin-point why exactly but let me try to break it down:

1. Envy

Like hello! If these gorgeous people (with perfect hair and skin regardless of the situation) don’t make you feel inadequate, then kudos to you for having a solid self-confidence. Bitter much.


2. Jaded

Like I have said above, DOTS was what everyone was talking about. When I go online, there were DOTS-related memes everywhere, even creeping into my regularly visited sites. Enough is enough!

3. Sleep

Guess this comes with age. But I can’t fathom the idea of sacrificing sleep just to watch a drama series after a long’s day at work. You don’t have to watch DOTS to unwind. K-dramas are evil and addictive. You can’t simply stop at one episode. Been there and done that, and am too old for this.


4. Realist

When I watched K-dramas previously, I tend to be drawn into the story lines and it became a form of escapism for me. Again, maybe with age, I’ve become practical and realistic somehow – that fiction will always remain fiction.