Pictures say a thousand words.

In light of  the much anticipated Bukit Batok By-Elections, we compare the pictures uploaded on Chee Soon Juan and Murali Pillai Facebook page to let you decide who has a better presence on social media.

Each of them may have their own unique style of selling themselves to the crowd, it is up to us to  see past their charades and look into their hearts. (easier said than done)

Who do we trust and can we hold them to their promises ?

Cover picture



CSJ  went for the dramatic effect and cleverly placed his slogan in a prominent manner. Ah Mu went for the heartwarming pictures with a picture of the PAP logo placed deliberately in the middle of the picture.

Picture of  interaction with residents



CSJ went for the pictures of him walking the ground and meeting with retired uncles and aunties. Ah Mu again went for the heart and posed for heartwarming pictures with the residents (especially the young) in their homes.

Picture of events



Murali seems to have a better budget for organising events.


Promoting themselves via videos




Dr Chee’s video captivated us far longer than Murali’s.

What we think

Its a close call but we think that Chee Soon Juan has a upper hand in this social media game. From the clever use of hashtags #NowistheTime to the dramatic effects of his videos and pictures, it seems that he could work the crowd better than Murali.

In is no surprise as well that comparing post for post, CSJ garnered higher likes, shares and comments.

What this means

Elections really is a matter of the heart and residents know who has put in a lot of effort working the ground. The numbers on social media matter far less that you think it would. (Ask the Workers’ Party, they had their vote swing against them).


Credits: All from CSJ and Murali FB pages