Minister for Finance has made his speech.

Its going to be a targeted #SGBudget2016. The monies were meant for those who were truly struggling like the lower income families or retrenched PMETs

The Debates too are over.

We have supposedly creme dela creme Member of Parliaments tripping over their own speeches (already printed in front of them.. the irony) and looking silly (we are talking about you Dennis Phua…shame on you for calling large crowds in Little India walking ‘time bombs’)

It is now  time for the main event!   …….  The Bukit Batok  By Elections!


“Dr Chee” SDP Chairman versus “AH MU” PAP candidate.


The prize will be the Single Member Constituency of Bukit Batok  and an opportunity to speak up for the people in Bukit Batok.

They say elections is  a matter of the heart.

(So is football and the people supporting Leicester City this season).

We sized up the candidates before other socio-political sites recover from the  COS debates and start focusing their attention on the anticipated Bukit Batok By-Elections… .


Let the hustings begin! …..