Come 1 June, you can no longer smoke in our parks and reservoirs.

Unless, of course, you are in a ‘designated smoking area’

(which, by the way, is still within the premises…see picture below for a better idea)


(NO smoking in hawker centre except within the yellow box. Pic from Google Image)

This expanded ban was announced in Parliament by MEWR’s Dr Amy Khor, who shared that smoking is currently already banned in more than 32,000 public spaces.

This new move is aimed at protecting non-smokers from second-hand smoke, and ultimately stopping smoking in all public areas.

Now, I don’t smoke.

I like my air fresh, and I am happy that I do not have to be enveloped in a cloud of second-hand smoke while waiting for the bus.

Will the designated smoking areas really help discourage smoking?

From my observations in Army Camps (during IPPTs) – it has actually become a rather enjoyable routine activity, and people actually make appointments with their friends to meet at these smoking area!

giphy (7)


Smoke is a gas.

Last I checked, gases float around freely, unless there is a physical barrier, say, like the walls of an enclosed smoking room that you find in some airports, the second hand smoke will travel and get to you.

I think that the yellow box rule sucks does not work at all.

We should set the ground rules (e.g. no smoking indoors, or in air-conditioned areas for obvious reasons) and leave it to Singaporeans to self-police for public spaces.

If you smoke in places where there are lots of people, especially children, you are asking for it.

Being Stomped, or worse, getting scolded by a fierce auntie, is a lot more effective than a silly yellow box. Adopt a give-and-take attitude. If someone is smoking in a park, but there is clearly nobody nearby, no need to Stomp the guy.

We don’t have to go all draconian and ban the sale, possession and consumption of cigarettes, but let’s not come up with these ineffective, neither-here-nor-there measures, please.