Hard to believe that after 50 years of living together side by side in HDBs, going through primary, secondary, junior college, poly and university in a multi-racial environment, race and religion is still as contentious (if not more contentious than ever before) as in the year 1965 when we just announced our independence.

It does not help that a minority of the Malay community does a hell of a job documenting their ‘alleged discrimination on Facebook’ as facts

Never get job interview because of personal reasons but go and update Facebook saying that i was not hired because I wear the Tudung….and my favourite part of their post….please viral…(rolls eyes)


(Taken from All Singapore Stuff)

Boleh Mampos

Sibei Chialat ah this kind of attitude…..

There are however genuine cases like latst, Tampines 1 case

The management has since come forward to apologise. (Within 1 Hour!)



As Muslims, we forgive and we move on because we know that they now know better.

As I see more and more of these cases online and on my Facebook feeds, I feel heartened.

Because the majority of people that came forward to defend these ‘alleged victims’ are often the non-Malays and the non- Muslims.

You do see a couple of extreme comments from the community ‘baying for blood and calling for war’ but they are few and far between – to them i say ‘lets be constructive’.

No need KpKb on your keyboard and incite hatred because the fact is there are many more who gives the ‘alleged victim’ their support by encouraging them and telling them not be disheartened because this is not what the Singapore spirit is about.

What mattered to them was that you were a fellow Singaporean and such discriminatory practice in Singapore was totally unacceptable.

Remember the three madrasah girls who were assaulted by a security guard ( whom we later discovered might have some mental issue)?..

Do you remember who spoke up for them from the onset?

The community (including non0malays/muslims) are the ones that came forward to defend these girls and demanded a thorough police investigation into the case….

Don’t let isolated incidents fool us into thinking that the Singapore community is Islamapobic…

So far, I see the majority of Singaporeans standing up against such discrimination … (especially along racial and religious lines)