Accusations that the Singapore government openly censors and suppresses “free speech” are not new. People ranging from free speech advocates like Alex Au, to men-on-the-street types like taxi uncles all seem to agree that the Straits Times will only publish what the government approves.

What is surprising to me, this time, is that the accusation comes from someone within the establishment – Dr Lee Wei Ling.

Yes, that Dr Lee Wei Ling. The daughter of the late LKY and the sister of the current prime minister is complaining that the Straits Times censors her.

According to her Facebook post last week, as many as three different editors have censored “sensitive issues” from her articles.

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe we have found the three bravest people in Singapore history. These three editors actually had the guts to “censor” the daughter of LKY, even when LKY himself was alive! Such balls!


A potential editor for Straits Times.

Anyway, I know what I’ll do right away when I feel as though I’m being censored – I’ll find somewhere else to write for!

Start my own blog or something, where I won’t be censored. In fact, that’s what people like Alex Au and Terry Xu did.

Dr Lee seemed to have taken quite a different and strange approach. Instead of just quitting Straits Times when she felt suppressed, Dr Lee went on to contribute ten years’ worth of articles for Straits Times.

Not just that – she even worked with her oppressive partners from Straits Times to publish a book!

zach maths

The math does not add up.

Yes, censor her and she will deliver. And deliver she did – ten years and a bestseller!

I wonder who’s the lucky editor of her latest posts – afterall, the new editor can probably look forward to a bestselling Hakka Woman’s Singapore Stories II soon!