What a difference a year makes! A year ago, England’s current top-of-the-table club Leicester City were sitting at the bottom of the Premier League table with just under 3.5 times less points. Yep, On 4 April 2015, they stood at the bottom of the world, with just 19 points from 29 games. A year later, they sit at the top of the table with 66 points.

But more importantly, Claudio Ranieri’s team now sits 7 points ahead of Tottenham, the second placed team, with just 7 games left.


Honestly, who would have believed that after a year, Leicester and Tottenham would be battling at the top of the table while last year’s champions Chelsea would be stuck somewhere in the middle (10th on 4 April, in fact).

And yet not everything has changed…

But even after a year, not everything has changed. Aston Villa is still battling relegation and it certainly looks as if this year will be that final nail in that coffin. Not many take Aston Villa as a serious threat in any match. I mean, seriously, even fellow relegation struggler Sunderland beat them earlier this year.

Arsenal still loves their bottles. Every year, Arsenal always plays pretender to the throne but never seems to get it. Again, this year, they seemed to be going for the Premier League title but will probably come up short. How would you else describe Arsenal besides this?



Next up is Manchester United. They’ve since become the next club to target the forth place trophy. It’s a special year for this once-great club. They’ve certainly silenced critics by beating top sides like Manchester City, Liverpool as well as Arsenal recently. Afterwhich, this team swiftly moves on to losing to bottom half teams like West Brom, Sunderland, Norwich and Bournemouth. They could very well get the 4th place trophy (Courtesy of Arsene Wenger) but it would depend on which side of United turns up for their remaining games.


Last but certainly not least, we have Manchester City. Nothing else shows how far both Manchester clubs are fallen than watching both of them squabbling over the 4th place trophy. One certainly wonders what Mr Pep Guardiola would be thinking if his new club failed to qualify for the Champions League. Is there an eject button in his contract? Or perhaps did they just promise him a busload of money to spend if they don’t qualify? I wonder where they are going to get their money from as oil prices still remain a third of what they were a year ago…