Do the following words mean anything to you?

“Goodbye Mr Black”.

 “Mr Lawyer, Mr Jo”.

 “Come Back Mister”.

No. These are not euphemisms from the latest role-playing scenes in 50 Shades of Grey – they are in fact titles of the latest Korean dramas.

And just like other South Korean exports in recent years such as K-pop, Korean cosmetics (kosmetics?), and Korean fried chicken, these shows feature very good looking men and women trying to fall in love within extremely far-fetched scenarios.

While the quality of the storylines are debatable, we cannot argue that these shows have been immensely popular in Singapore. So in order to help you fit in, we’ve prepared a handy dossier about the popular K-dramas to help you appear knowledgeable:

Descendants of the Sun


Descendants of the Sun is a love story between a surgeon and a special forces officer based in a fictional war zone. Both characters are elites within their respective fields, and will face personal and professional struggles while exploring “the value of life”.

Starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, the show was infamous for being so popular in China that the Chinese government warned its citizens against watching too many Korean dramas.

Mr Lawyer, Mr Jo


The new kid on the block, this show is kind of a social justice story that tells of a former star prosecutor who loses everything after becoming a whistle-blower against corruption. Obviously known as Mr Jo, the former star prosecutor decides to rebuild his life at a small neighbourhood law firm, committed to justice and protecting the innocent. And we assume he probably falls in love and has a tumultuous relationship with the female lead at some point too.

Stars Park Shin-yang and Kang So-ra.

Goodbye Mr Black


Apparently, this is not the sequel to Meet Joe Black. Instead, Goodbye Mr Black is a story about a Navy SEAL who was betrayed by his best friend and exiled to another country. The former SEAL returns with a new identity, along with a fake wife, to take revenge. Likewise, Mr former SEAL will probably fall in love with his fake wife or some other woman in the show, and has a tumultuous relationship.

Stars Lee Jin-wook and Moon Chae-won.

Come Back Mister


Stars Rain. Nothing else matters right?