The First of April is here again and it’s that day which will forever live in disdain. It’s that terrible day when people attempt all manner of tricks and jokes on one another and sometimes to disastrous consequences. But of course, here we celebrate the dozens of failed April Fool’s pranks that brought about outrage and embarrassment to all involved.

Here’s some our picks of the pranks gone wrong:

  • Vote Your Prisoner Out

Last year, the Greater Manchester Police Radcliffe posted a tweet calling on people to vote for a prisoner they wanted released early. Naturally, it provoked outrage amongst parents and relatives of children that are actually in prison.

  • Honestbee’s less than palatable exotic meats

Pandas, Minke Whales, Tigers – what do you make of their taste? By popular demand, we have partnered with Explorer Joe…

Posted by honestbee on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Starting off this year’s bad jokes is honestbee’s post that they had partnered with Explorer Joe Exotic Meats to provide adventurous eaters with panda, minke whale or tiger meats. It didn’t long for the bashing to start as honestbee was spanked for their distasteful joke. Honestbee later announced they supported wildlife conservation. Instead, proceeds from their online store Explorer Joe Exotic Treats, which is selling wildlife conservation treats, would go to wildlife conservation organisations.

In 2014, a 911 call was made in South Carolina about a possible shooting at Virginia College. The call was made after Angela Timmons, a financial aid staff member at the college, sent a message to her daughter about hearing shots fired in the school. Her concerned daughter then called the cops after she did not get a response from her mother. 15-20 officers were despatched to the school expecting it could be another Virginia Tech or Columbine incident. To top off this massive failure of a prank, Timmons was later arrested and faced four charges but was released from jail in the night.


Why does it always have to be aliens? In 2010, the Al Ghad newspaper published a front-page article claiming a UFO had landed near the town of Jafr. The report had one unfortunate victim – the town’s mayor. He dispatched security forces and almost led a mass evacuation of the 13,000 people living there.

So if you’re heading around today, just remember…