If I have it my way, OBS curriculum should be integrated into the MOE system.

It should be a pre-requisite before one could graduate and mentioned in the same breath as exams such as the PSLE, ‘O’ levels and ‘A’ levels.

 ‘To Serve, To Strive and not To Yield’

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The Outward Bound School (OBS) teaches interpersonal skills, survival skills and leadership skills through its courses.

It teaches to do your best, to help and to inspire your mates to achieve your goals together

I cannot imagine a better skill set for life other than the ones just mentioned above.

Opposition MP Yee Jenn Jong was spot on when he commented that “OBS is one way to develop students beyond academics”

In life, grades do not dictate the rest of your existence. A person’s character, experiences and connections, not grades ultimately determine their direction in life

Success requires passion, perseverance, emotional intelligence and in my opinion, the understanding of the value of failure.

While it is true that schools have more than enough co-curricular activities to ensure a holistic development for their students – OBS forces the child to be out of their comfort zone and pushes them to their limits in environments not easily replicated by teachers in schools.

Dense Forest.

Open Waters.

Height Training.

Solo expeditions.


As parents, we do our part to inquire about the safety measures and that the activities are age appropriate.

I would however refrain from asking if my child would enjoy the activity.

Heck no one enjoyed maths at that age but they are still more than willing to go for extra classes for the subject

In other words – Please tell your child to suck it up. They will thank you for it later in their life.

It is timely that the Singapore government has begun to ramp up the capacity of the Outward Bound Singapore where all Singaporean youth will have a chance to undergo its training programme once in their school days.(Source)

If I have it my way, OBS curriculum should be further integrated into the MOE system and students will have to show that they have the necessary set of skills such as teamwork, the never say die attitude and leadership abilities before they could graduate.