Ever since news about Mr David Ong’s ‘personal indiscretion’ broke and the realisation that a by-election is inevitable – One man party has zeroed in on the Bukit Batok SMC more than anyone else to capitalise on the vacant seat

Now is the time he says

The cards could not have dealt SDP with a better hand.

On the back of high profile cases such as Benjamin Lim ( the 14 year old who took his own life after being questioned by police officers), PTE Dominique Sharron Lee (NSF who died from the inhalation of smoke grenades during training), the MOH Hep C outbreak which killed at least half a dozen persons and the SMRT accident (two trainees killed by an oncoming train during a maintenance check) –  The Government’s transparency and accountability has never before been put under such a spotlight.

The ground is saying that we have trusted the government too much such that they can no longer be held accountable for their mistakes.

The 70% that gave the mandate to PAP to continue and be the elected government has made a terrible mistake.

Singaporeans have a lot to lose if they continue voting for the PAP.

Enter SDP Chee Soon Juan.

Let me be your voice in Parliament

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Never mind that it was actually another party member (Mr Sadasivam Veriyah) who previously contested in the GE 2015 garnering an above average 26.4 percentage points as an opposition member.

Never mind the fact that the SDP has on principle historically opposed the GRC system as a mechanism for a minority candidate to be elected (representing the minority voices).

SDP should have just nominated Dr Paul Tambyah and it would be a win-win situation for all.

Win for SDP because they will prove that minority presentation is possible without the GRC (proving that they have been right all along and thereby gaining credibility in standing for what they believe all along)

Win for Singaporeans because they can vote for Tambyah and still keep Tharman (#GoTeamTharman)

Why is Chee Soon Juan even nominating himself?

PAP has announced that it will field Mr Murali Pillai –  an Indian candidate

Even though the PAP claimed that the Party fielded Mr Murali because he has worked the Bukit Batok ground for close to two decades, it presented the SDP with a perfect opportunity to stick to their guns to totally debunk the GRC myth (that a GRC is essential for minority representation) once and for all. 

Instead Dr Chee said that he will not play the ‘race card’ in this politics but will instead use the opportunity as a contest of ideas to debate policies.

He therefore chose himself as a candidate

What a bunch of b.s

The way I see it, SDP is just like any other opportunistic party – more than ready to break their principles and ever willing to turn their backs on the very people who put their faith into them.

The SDP really has nothing to lose – other than our respect

By fielding Dr Chee himself, the SDP has proven that they do not stand for anything- other than contesting for the sake of getting into parliament

Now, some of us may hate the PAP for the arrogance that they show (even though they deliver results), but we hate liars even more.

And you blame Singaporeans for not choosing the opposition. (Not our fault the opposition cmi)

Show us the steel, the grit and more importantly the principles that Mr Chiam (and the original SDP) stood for and won us over with.

We will vote for him anytime.