It’s perhaps tragically ironic that we’re talking about the woman’s charter the same week we look back at what led to the death of 14 year old Benjamin Lim.

And yet, as we go about discussing how to avoid the repeat of such a tragic incident, let’s not forget about the 11 year old girl who has allegedly had her modesty outraged.

A minor who is in all likelihood now tormented by her decision to report this crime.

As a parent, I would be at a loss at helping her. The pain must be multi-fold.

Would she regret her decision to speak up?

As a parent, I would have felt outrage by people who have suggested that she was the girl who cried wolf.

Would she take her life too? How can a parent explain to her that it wasn’t her fault that a young life is now gone?

Processes were followed and yet speculation was rife.

We were led to believe the police was inept.

And yes, we may have forgotten about the other young life affected.

For years, society’s rules worked.

For information to be limited when it involves minors.

For conclusions to be drawn only after evidence has been judged.

What went wrong here? How did we get here? What will be done next?

Two young lives were affected. One young life lost is too much to bear. Another one could well be a disaster. Let’s not forget that.