I’m sure  many would have heard that Madonna will be performing in Singapore on this Sunday. I believe that even those who have not concerned themselves with this 57-year old lady who can be a poster girl for active ageing, have started to take notice of the Archbishop’s statement discouraging Catholics from attending the concert.

First, I only know Madonna as the “Queen of Pop” so I’ve to do some research on what’s really controversial about her. Then I discover that Madonna has the penchant to perform provocative acts, during her concert e.g. pole dancing around crosses and having dancers dressed up as nuns in undergarments.

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Madonna concert in Puerto Rico


As expected, MDA weighed in on the issue and stated that pole-dancing nuns will not be allowed. Few weeks later, the Archbishop released his statement of condemnation (link)

“There is no neutrality in faith; one is either for or against. Being present (at these events) in itself is a counter witness,” says Archbishop William Goh ahead of a Madonna concert in Singapore.

The statement incurred the wrath of some people including DJ Rosalyn Lee who criticized the Catholic Church for trying to put religion before the arts. I think to be fair, she has taken the statement a little too far since it is targeted at his flock and he did not call for the ban of the concert. Having said that, I don’t think that it would come as a surprise to the Archbishop that what he said would definitely attract attention and of course, criticisms. Ultimately, he’s a public figure and a symbol of authority.

It’s back to the same old conflict between the arts and religion, and a bigger question of the Church vs State (policies). I think MDA is clear about the government’s stance on the concert and that’s what mattered.

Madonna is allowed to hold her concert here but she just can’t perform segments which contained “religiously-sensitive content”. It’s a clear balance achieved for the fans and the religious. I suppose there is no doubt that the government is taking side with any of the parties.

I may not be going for the concert but I guess many who will be going are looking forward to be wowed by her and throughout the concert, they may just be wondering if Madonna will dare to cross the boundary. (Singapore party crowd is a crazy bunch you know!)


If she does, will she be blacklisted? will she be fined? or will her supporters support her ‘blasphamous act’ further?…

Madonna is the Queen of Pop and there is no denying that will be another hoo-ha for us to watch… (*get popcorn and read comments)

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