The AHPETC drama regarding the WP town council bored us to death for most of 2015.

We were considering to stop watching politics all together if it’s the same topics being discussed again for 2016.

But Boy were we in for an unexpected twist of event by the end of the Parliamentary debate yesterday!

We realised that Singapore may not have a spectacle of politicians throwing shoes or punches at each other, but we certainly do have politicians that could act well. In our opinion, that makes Singapore politics just as entertaining (just without the violence). i.e PG rated

Consider this, The Workers Party suffered a heavy defeat in the last General Elections. Millions from their Town Council funds allegedly misappropriated. Rumours of an internal struggle for leadership. Desperate to hold on to whatever little political ground that they have, they fight tooth and nail to keep the NCMP position filled by one of their members. But wait, they do not want to sound desperate now do they (no, because that would erode their credibility). So instead, they throw a smoke screen by saying that the NCMP position is of no value and is just like Duckweed in a pond (i.e. without roots). They lobbied hard to say the NCMP position is not a real democracy, but at the same time was more than happy to have one more WP member in the house to boost their ranks.

The ruling party (aka Men in White aka PAP) realises their desperation. They know that they have the power to just vote against the WP member slated to take up the NCMP seat, thus weakening their opposition further. They could have voted against him, but they did not – they knew the importance of alternative voices in the house.

Both decided to play it out in Parliament like a scene from a Wes Anderson movie – complete with the exaggerated visuals of expressions.



By the end of yesterdays’ debate, the WP ended up abstaining from voting for the motion (in which they themselves filed) to nominate their WP member as an NCMP.

By the end of the debate – Some left with a feeling that perhaps the PAP was too harsh on the WP, kicking them in the teeth when they were down. Others felt sorry for the underdog (WP) but cannot help and marvel and gasp at the genius of the plot by the PAP.

Even after Madam Speaker brought down her hammer to close the debate, conversations did not end there. It spilled onto social media where they seek legitimacy from online audiences.

We all want to have a Singapore that is better than the last 50 years.

The PAP knows this better than anyone else in the world.

That exactly the reason why they voted to let WP bring in one of their members to fill up the vacant NCMP seat . . .but not before giving them a piece of their mind on how irresponsible it is to manipulate the system and let a another person not mandated by the public to be let into Parliament.