So, Mdm Ho Ching (PM Lee’s wife if you don’t know) has an incredibly interesting Facebook pagea. She posts pretty frequently with dozens of interesting articles that may blow your mind.

Just this morning, Mdm Ho shared an article from that answered one of the most frequently asked questions in modern times: Can two people repopulate the Earth?

Well, the answer appears to be a qualified no. This discussion starts with the Bible’s mention of Adam and Eve as the first humans and their children. But times are different and we know of health issues associated with inbreeding.

Well, basically, there are many studies which suggest children born to closely related parents had higher rates of infant mortality and physical and mental disabilities. This is because “rare inherited diseases are usually caused when two copies of a gene are passed on by the mother and the father” and this is more so when the parents are brother and sister.

But well, as the article states… there is still hope for a modern Adam and Eve. An example cited is the Hutterite community in North America. There are currently over 45,000 members living in more than 400 colonies. And more importantly, ALL of them are descendants of just eighteen families.  Of these 18 families, four names have since died out and fourteen Hutterite surnames remain.


The Hutterites (Source: National Geographic)