Because the SAF never learnt their lesson.


Mothership published an article on how our soldiers were getting flaked for using a yoga mat for doing sit-ups during their training.

“Outfield can bring yoga mat also issit!”  “Now NS so relax ah!”  exclaimed most of the readers.


MINDEF was quick to remove the original post (Just like the picture of the sibeh sian recruit during enlistment day) before it became another unwanted source of attention. I.E before their fire fighter counterparts could burn them . . . AGAIN

Now, I know that regardless of the uniform or the vocation that they are enlisted, they all do their best for their country.

That being said, we took the liberty to remind SAF why they really need to be on point with their social media game from the onset and set social media standards if they do not want to be constantly flamed.

Its nothing personal really. Its just really really punny.

Sit up position change!