2016 barely started and the teachers were the first to regret voting for the PAP.

Teachers may soon have to pay to park in schools 

..because Pay and Pay mah

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This issue arose after the Auditor-General Office’s (AGO) report highlighted how the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), the Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and the Temasek Polytechnic (TP) were not imposing parking charges, or charging below market rate, for the use of their carparks. The report said such practices “are tantamount to providing hidden subsidies for vehicle parking”.

Currently, all public service organisation, including the education Ministry charge parking fees at their offices. But parking remains free at the primary and secondary schools and junior colleges. Also only school staff are allowed to park in schools.

Source: The Straits Times

Teachers are up in arms over the potential move.

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Popular Hardware Zone Forum are filled with comments on why teachers should not be paying the carpark fees.

Unlike the tertiary schools, schools like the primary, secondary and even junior colleges are not facing any parking shortages that they must start imposing fees for vehicles – the car lots in the schools are usually empty! Whats the space for if not for cars?

Additionally, the teachers are also asking for some slack because they are mostly in school for long hours of the day. They have to be there before school starts (7am) and stay on till late in the evening for extra lessons and CCA activities – all in the name of moulding Singapore’s future. The carpark (currently free)  are therefore most useful for them and helps them with their long working hours.

Personally, I agree 110% with the teachers that they should not be paying for parking fees. The last thing I want are disgruntled teachers teaching the young ones that there is no hope for their future because the cost of living are going to be so god damn high.

However, I think that there is more to it than just parking charges.

Part of a bigger initiative

I vaguely recall PM Lee mentioning something about Singapore gearing towards a car lite city for a cleaner and greener Singapore last year and the phrase car-lite was again bought up during the MRTs Downtown line 2 opening.

Singapore has invested heavily to ensure that its  public transport system is first class and  the ultimate choice for all commuters.

Singapore of the future will ultimately be a safe, green and car-lite city with a top-notch transport system that can get our people around quickly and efficiently in a compact city like ours.

So you see teachers, it’s really nothing personal. It’s just part of a larger initiative.

NSmen driving to camps for their reservist and army officers enjoying free parking in their camps might soon join the teachers and  have to start paying for their parking next.

Car-lite City. 

Majulah Singapura


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