So Netflix announced their arrival into the Singapore market yesterday and suddenly, the streets emptied as everyone returned home to watch TV shows they had previously missed as well as the sizable catalogue of movies that Netflix has.

For those wondering, you can sign up for Netflix’s basic package at S$10.98 per month and it includes a free month of subscription for those that just want to sample what Netflix has to offer. But contrary to popular belief, censorship isn’t really the biggest challenge Netflix faces in Singapore. Instead, content rights appears to be the biggest sticking point for Netflix’s domination of the Singapore market.

Many popular US television series, such as Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, New Girl and House of Cards, remain unavailable on Netflix’s Singapore service due to content rights and licensing. But if you’re a fan of Netflix’s own original productions, then you’ll be glad to know almost all of them are available.

What’s available

  1. Marvel’s Jessica Jones

  2. Daredevil

  3. Orange is the new Black

  4. Gotham

  5. Better Call Saul

  6. Making a Murderer

  7. Suits

  8. Marco Polo

What’s not available (at the moment)

  1. Walking Dead

  2. Flash

  3. Friends

  4. Breaking Bad

  5. Modern Family

  6. The Big Bang Theory

  7. Parks & Recreation

  8. Everybody Loves Raymond

  9. Futurama

  10. House of Cards

  11. Arrested Development

There are also a couple of movies that are not available on the US service, such as Batman Begins, Man of Steel and Catch Me If You Can. But it is doubtful whether it is worth paying S$10.98 for the service.

So, for those with US Netflix accounts, it’s probably best to stick with using VPN to access US Netflix due to the wider range of shows available but there’s hope that Singapore’s catalogue will increase with time…

And then, the binge watching will begin in earnest…