2015 has passed us by in a blink of an eye.

It is two more days till the New Year – 2016.

What do we remember the most about 2015.

My gosh, there were so many.

The passing of one of Singapore’s founding father, The terrible haze. The Golden Jubilee celebrations, Satan Spawn Amos Ye (and his I dare you send me to jail hell ) tweets , Mer-COV, Ebola, Hep C outbreak, the General Elections and the list goes on.

There were also many instances that warmed our hears.

Passer-bys coming together to free a man pinned under a lorry, Singaporeans standing in solidarity despite the heavy showers to send MM Lee on his last journey to the crematorium, the spirit of the SEA games (including the PARA games), selfless acts of kindness by foreign workers to help save lives (including a cat), etc, etc.

While sites like The Middle Ground compile the villains for 2015 (Think satan spawn Amos Ye, Jover Chew, Khong Hee, etc and you will have quite a list), we remember 2015 for events closer to our hearts.

Here is how we saw our 2015 passed us by (not in chronological order)

  • TRS Shutdown

Finally the site that spin and fabricate stories to incite hate and xenophobia is shut down for good.

  • Passing of MM Lee

Passing of one of the founding fathers of modern Singapore. A man who famous quotes include “Even from my sick bed, even if you are going to lower me into the grave and I feel something is going wrong, I will get up.”. That morning, in the pouring rain, no one flinched despite the heavy downpour, Singaporeans of all age and race pay their final respect to him.

  • Man trapped under lorry

Passer-by come together to rush and help tilt a thousand ton lorry so that they could free a man trapped underneath it.

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  • SEA Games Gold for Sculling

While there were many remarkable athletes for the recent SEA games. Ms  Saiyidah Aisyah won our hearts over when she won gold for sculling. She had paid for her own expenses, conducted her own training and took her own time off from work to compete in the SEA games.


  • Ge2015 – Workers Party and Han Hui Hui

Nothing is more memorable to us other than seeing Han Hui Hui run for the general elections and demanding the PAP to #ReturnMyCpf. Also, the workers party shocking defeat at Punggol East constituency and their AHPETC accounting saga where they “ownself pay ownself” and mismanaged the Town Council funds.

  • Sabah Earthquake

The most heartbreaking tragedy. 9 Singaporeans (including two teachers) died in when they were caught in the hail of boulders as they attempted a challenging route on the 4,092m high mountain. Even today, our thoughts and prayers are with you still – Tanjong Katong Prmary School.


  • Alcohol Ban

Illegal to drink in public after 1030pm. Many thought that it was impossible. Today, deep down in our hearts. We appreciate the initiative more than ever. Lesser nuisance  in the heartlands.


  • Ridiculous COE prices for motorbikes

2015 is a bad year for motorcyclist. COE for new motorbikes (across all classes) rose to about $6800 (compared to about 1K a year ago). A new bike will now cost you at least 20K on the road . Coupled with the increase in ERP prices and the obnoxious prices of cars, many Singaporeans ended up looking for second hand bikes. (or electric scooters!)

We kept our favorite for the last.

    • The scene that gave us stomach cramps from laughing too much.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uad3MzWsDCY]