We were “lucky” to see many big court cases over the year, with some ending with quite unexpected verdicts. While most would agree that the conclusion to the City Harvest Church trial was the most riveting, there were several other cases that caught the public’s attention. Today, let’s look at the hottest (or not) “criminals” this year.

  1. Han Hui Hui, The Case of the Public Nuisance


Last September, Ms Han Hui Hui of Hong Lim Park fame allegedly disrupted YMCA’s annual carnival Proms @ the Park. Videos of Ms Han and her fellow protestors marching around the park and allegedly continued chanting while performers with Down’s syndrome were on-stage. Eventually, two of Han’s buddies pleaded guilty and were fined.

The best line of the case came around to be from one of the mothers, whose children were part of thegroup dancing for the event. She said the carnival was “spoilt by people in the other event” and “It’s just like a wedding function, and someone brings a coffin around, do you think you will be happy?”

Ms Han also contested the 2015 General Elections in Radin Mas Constituency, eventually getting 10.04% of the vote and losing her election deposit.

But in light of the lack of “eye catching looks” amongst the big court cases of the year, we think she’s the second runner-up in our ranking.

  1. Serina Wee, The case of the CHC Six


Since the City Harvest Church trial began in 2012, Serina Wee has caught the nation’s attention. The proclaimed most gorgeous criminal in Singapore is our obvious pick for the number one in our short list.

The Goddess of All Things Wonderful faced six charges of criminal breach of trust and four charges of falsification of accounts. Unfortunately, to all Singaporean men’s disappointment, Serina was handed a five year jail term. Immediately after the judgement was released, crime rates allegedly went up as men sought to be in Changi Prison at the same time as Serina.

But one positive point before we move on… she’s currently appealing the judgement and sentence so if you want to go get your glimpse of the Goddess, you have a little bit more time to do so.

Special Mention

  1. Ms Sylvia Lim, The ear wrenching AHPETC case

It wasn’t a criminal case (obviously). But she’s awesome so special mention to Ms Sylvia Lim, the Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC and former Chairman of the Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council (now AHTC). Without getting into the politics and details of the case, the judge eventually ordered the Town Council to appoint accountants to look into any outstanding non-compliance by the Town Council.