December is just right around the corner and it’s the season to be jolly. We are working on some articles to highlight memorable moments that has graced Singapore’s social media. (Trust us, you will smack your head when you look back at some of them).

Epic public fights and Selfless heart-warming initiatives of strangers that saves lives are but only a few of the things that has happened.

We are also currently looking through things like ‘social media picture of 2015’, ‘most chio-bu criminal of 2015’, ‘the best meme of 2015’, ‘the best thing that the government has said for 2015’  and the list goes on (its endless really…)

2015 will be remembered not only for the Golden Jubilee but also for the many things that has happened on social media (forever immortalised on the World Wide Web).

If you have a moment that you think is worth highlighting, please let us know! Either on FB or via twitter (@YouThinkWeThink).

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