We’ve been having pretty clear skies* over the past weekend and it coincided with the starting of Malaysia & Singapore’s efforts to put out forest fires in Indonesia.

The heli-bucket hoisted by the Chinook, which is able to carry 5,000L of water each time, deploying water over hotspots during its first sortie today.

Posted by Ng Eng Hen on Sunday, October 11, 2015

According to recent news reports, Singapore has deployed an RSAF Chinook helicopter and 34 SAF personnel to Indonesia to help fight the ongoing forest fires. Additionally, an SCDF Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team has also made their way to Indonesia.

But let’s not take credit for more or less haze. Afterall, Indonesian Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung has told us that Indonesian has rejected Singapore’s offers of assistance because they did not want Singapore to claim credit for solving the haze problem. And perhaps Mr Anung is right…

Should Singapore really need to take credit for keeping its own air clean? Because what’s the alternative? Continue living with the haze?

And after his hazy comments of the last 2 weeks, Indonesian Vice-President and comedian Jusuf Kalla has now come out to tell us that Indonesia’s neighbours will now understand how difficult it is for Indonesia to solve the haze problem when they help.

Indonesia’s Home Minister Tjahjo Kumolo also came out saying they wanted to “remind the Singapore and Malaysian government as friends in ASEAN, if they want to help Indonesia, do it sincerely. Do not condemn the country, and its people.”

More importantly, Mr Kumolo also told reporters tht it is not the wish of the Indonesian government or its people to send the haze intentionally to Malaysia or Singapore.

Well… I’m not so sure about that. Afterall, Mr Jusuf Kalla said that we should thank Indonesia for the “clean air” they provided for 11 months and stop complaining about the 1 month (or more) of haze.

*The PSI has since risen into the 100s.