PAP not only won two third majority for the 2015 General Elections. They won by large margin, It was a landslide victory (69.86%)

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We recently wrote two articles about the faceless Internet Brigade and how they fill our social media stream with half-truths and lies to shape our opinions.

GE2015: Have the WP trolls come out of the woodwork

GE2015: What the IBs are doing on cooling off day

The Internet Brigade are real and the results yesterday provided us with more information about them.

Remember all the hate and the vitriol that you shared on social media because you thought it resonated with the truth and that the ruling party was crumbling and mis-managing Singapore?…well the ground just decided yesterday and that they voted for the PAP…convincingly

Eh how come. I thought the article had so many likes and so many people commenting that they agree with it?

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The truth on the ground could not be any further than the narratives online and the results of the general elections spoke for themselves.

The ‘silent majority’ have endured at least  4 years of silently rolling their eyes at ridiculous online vitriol on their feeds.

It is heartening to note how Singaporeans are unaffected by the chatter on social media and that they let actions on the ground by the respective candidates speak for themselves.

This only shows two things. One, the rumoured WP IBs were deliberately sowing discord among Singaporeans by feeding the online vitriol or two they are really out of touch with the sentiments on the ground.

What now for IBs

You should not be fooled into thinking that the IBs will now take a step back after the elections and put their keyboards away.

Look at your feeds again, there are already chatters about how this is a freak election and that the PAP won due to votes by new citizens.

We debunk these myths here (GE2015: Debunking myths)

Above anything else – GE2015 proved to us that Singaporeans can discern true from false better than ever before and that they will vote truth into power.