Dear Diary

Surprise! I write diary today LOL.

By right is cool off day so I cannot write, but because this is ‘parody’ so can! Since its cool off day so I better don’t break law, cannot tell you all who to vote for.

But I put picture LOL.


Anyway tomorrow is voting day already, which also means that I ORD very soon. Now I think about it, it is a bit sad.

Past few years I think I work very hard, hard enough to be thick skinned and brag a bit LOL. Now I ORDing I can take my time and look around. Really can see my work.

Last time when I first became transport minister, people not happy always complain about bus. Even though Singapore got many bus, I still go get money from Hsien Loong.

Now Singapore got many many bus. Some places got four bus to travel two stops!

So many bus I scared people become fat, but is ok because fat people is Kim Yong problem LOL.

Anyway I put picture here again.


Then I think of trains. That one big problem, build track not like buy bus. $1 billion also cannot make track build faster, because that time Chuan-Jin don’t give me overseas workers.

But its ok, in the end I still open Downtown line.

Lucky never fail otherwise become Downtime line LOL.

But people still not happy, because other lines sometimes move too slow and sometimes never even move. Then all the people do funny things to my name and ask me to step down. But that time I cannot step down, I step up lor.

I not engineer, so I don’t know how to repair. But I chemist so I build up chemistry with other engineers, then I ask them why trains always spoil. Then see whether can improve or not. If can improve then ask them improve, if cannot improve then ask them why cannot improve.

Then when they explain why cannot I tell them improve anyway because I boss LOL.

Sadly trains sometimes still spoil, because not all systems perfect. Like me, I also not perfect. But I think I did ok. Some people don’t like me, but I think its ok, I tried very hard and improved things.

Try so hard now got biceps LOL.


So I no regret. From now on is Yaacob problem LOL.

Anyway I put picture here again.





Tuck Yew


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