Much have been said over the past 9 days.

I believe the Malay community have given the both the ruling party and the oppositions enough time to bring their points across.

Today is cooling off day.

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We shall take this moment to reflect on what all of them said before heading to the polls tomorrow….

First, The issues affecting Malays are the same as the issues affecting other Singaporeans – the cost of living, job security and competition from foreigners.

Article 152 of the constitution does not make us special or entitled to a good life in Singapore. We still have to work hard. Skills Future, Housing, Workfare, etc are just some of the opportunities to better ourselves. In a meritocratic society, we have to make these count or we will lose out to the individuals who do.

Second, the government has ensured that they will will help you with the your basic necessities in life even if you have made bad choices previously – as long as you play your part. (e.g. fresh start housing grants) It is easy to blame the government’s system for our failures but yet we are guaranteed a roof above our heads, healthcare, education and security.

Third, Malay Muslims are Singaporeans too and we contribute just as much to nation building as the Chinese, the Indians and the Eurasians. We have just as much at stake in these polls as with the other races. This is our Singapore.

Lastly, it has been a sore point for decades but our Muslim leaders are still persevering and continuing their discussion with the secular government to push for our daughter’s right as Muslims  to wear the tudung together with their uniforms…(we are still persevering)

We head to the polls tomorrow

Contrary to beliefs, we will not be in trouble if we do not vote for the PAP. Our votes are secret.

As a minority, we are voting for your promise to equality, for opportunities to succeed and for non-discrimination due to race or religion.

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