Dear Diary

Today I play prank LOL.

I send email to myself (not reach because they reach very far to get emails remember) to test test a bit see my officers got sleep or not. So I email and ask whether Tuck Yew can write diary or not.

Not bad! My officer Jackie reply very fast, never take 3 working days!

But she straight away say I cannot write diary, never give reason. Don’t know why also. It is Tuck Yew diaries not Jackie diaries what LOL.

I very sad. At home wife say this cannot that cannot, at work officer say this cannot that cannot. But its ok. I go hug babies, because they don’t know how to say no. Only know how to say ‘AHHHHHHHH’ all the time LOL.

carry baby

So cute.

Anyway today is last day of campaigning. I both happy and sad.

Happy because I ORD-ing soon! ORD very good feeling, I know because I ORD many times already. ORD from navy, ORD from government and now I ORD from politics. Everyday I ORD LOL.

Anyway I don’t like elections because everyday I watch the rally all the opponent parties very angry. Scold this scold that, everything also not happy. Say want blue sky in Singapore.

Don’t know what kind of school they go, end up don’t know at night actually sky not blue LOL.

ORD also means I have more time with my family, can bring wife and children go eat chwee kueh everyday. Also can bua-long-long like this volunteer LOL.


I still very angry he never help me carry ladder.

But I also sad because it means I leave my friends. Like Jackie. Even though she say no I know she likes me very much, because she work for me very long and never quit. She is good and reply email very fast.

Jackie is good officer, I hope Yaacob treats her good when Yaacob becomes transport minister.

That’s why I happy and sad. Very confusing and tiring, so I think I go do my resume better. Then I can check my own resume.

Because I not PAP anymore I can ownself check ownself LOL.



Tuck Yew


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