With the elections coming to a close, i tried to make sense of what the elections has been about.

More so than any other elections, this one has been a frustrating one to follow. Listen to rally, hear a lot of angry voices shouting at me. Log onto Facebook, see a lot of friends kpkb. Almost want to unfriend them.

Yet all these voices seem to be always telling me one thing. You can have a cheaper and more comfortable life.

Like sales people, they tell me they can sell me products at a lower cost. Vote for us and we will make things cheaper and better for you.

Arguably, each party’s proposals are then based in the same system of values. PAP’s system of values that has been fine-tuned over the past 50 years.

Is this what an election should look like?

Same-same but cheaper?

GE2015 or The Great Singapore Sale

Like salespeople, candidates tell you that the PAP system really sucks but they will sell you that system of products at a lower cost.

Vote for us, and we will make your life in a PAP system, cheaper for you.

Vote for us, and we will make your life in a PAP system, more comfortable for you.

Free money. Cheap housing. Trains that don’t malfunction. The laundry list of promised sales products go on as every candidate promises to sell each PAP product at a cheaper, faster and better rate.

But can they really?

Can they really sell you parts of this PAP system at a cheaper rate than the PAP themselves?

Can they really sell you parts of this PAP system without breaking the entire system?

Can they reduce the cost of a HDB flat without affecting the amount of national reserves which in turn affects our fiscal currency policy which then affects our foreign trade relations which then impacts our trade industry?

Can they stop the foreign workforce growth totally without affecting local SMEs who hire them or the ability to attract foreign businesses that hire us?

The idea of buying a PAP product was something I was never entirely keen on in the first place. But if I had to buy your allegedly cheaper and more comfortable version of it – then I’d rather not.