We’ve heard Dr Chee’s speeches and we’ve engaged with the comments on our page. Don’t say we only give coverage to his past. We highlight 5 notable quotes from his latest rallies. Master orator or cunning linguist? Read and tell us. Better still, watch his latest rally in the embed below.

On what fear does to Singaporeans

“Let us not continue to allow fear to dominate us, to freeze us into inaction because fear destroys ideals.”

Rallying for democracy in Singapore

“Let us overcome our fear because we cannot stand up for democracy on bended knees”

On political rights

“Without political rights we cannot protect our jobs, our wages and our future’

On SDP’s approach if elected in parliament

“Speaking popular words and popular deeds is what will get parties into parliament. but that is not what the SDP is about. it is certainly not what i am about. like everyone else i want to be popular. as human beings, it is innate and there is certainly nothing wrong with it. it is difficult. but there are times in life where you must choose between doing the popular thing or the difficult thing. i choose to do the right thing”

On why he entered politics

“I came into politics 25 years ago not to change votes but to change minds”