We got this through a text message while we were in the loo. ( Nothing to be ashamed of by using the phone in the toilet)

The text compared the political parties in GE2015 to football clubs inThe Barclays Premier League..

We never knew the clubs in the BPL shared so much similarities with our political parties.

If you are have had enough of the rallies, perhaps this will make your day better …


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PAP – Manchester United
The most successful club in the land. Other than their own fans, everyone else hates them. Has been on the decline in recent times, especially with the departure of the Old Master. Criticised for overspending on youth… olympic games.

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WP – Manchester City

The rising force in football. Emerged from the shadow of United to assemble a powerful team. Has delivered several shock defeats to United recently, like the 6-1 demolition at Aljunied. Dogged by financial fair play issues though.

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SPP – Liverpool 
Used to be THE club but is now a fading force. Has a huge gap to fill with the departure of their talismanic captain. Supporters like to reminisce about That Night in … Potong Pasir.

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SDP – Chelsea
Led by the special one, who is never far away from controversy. Seems to have mended fences with doctors, even fielding one as a candidate. Has been accused of having dubious sources of funding. Big supporter of the loan system, famously offering to loan WP a candidate for the showdown at Punggol East.

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NSP – Tottenham
Shows plenty of promise on paper but ultimately flatters to deceive. Keeps losing their best players to other clubs and bringing in duds to replace them. Their talented striker is out of their Premier League and Europa squads.


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There will be close competition towards the end of the season and  it is anyone’s guess which team will  top the table. One thing is for sure, there are no freak results in the league and that the winners will be deserving champions.

Newcastle who?….