Dear Diary

Today I wake up open the Facebook and got shock!

Got video of Yaacob take bus this morning LOL. Very surprising because he take bus will appear on TODAY but I take MRT appear on STOMP. A bit unfair, like he more atas.

#GE2015 ON THE GROUND: PAP's Yaacob Ibrahim greets commuters on SBS bus service 140 as it loops the Kallang Bahru area. More on what's happening on the ground: Robin Choo/TODAY)

Posted by TODAY on Sunday, September 6, 2015

Some more he stand there so long shake many hands, machiam at his daughter’s wedding. Must be never listen to the cartoon Move in Martin LOL.

Anyway, as I watch the video something struck me. Yaacob the Facebook page got a tick beside his name! How come my one don’t have?

So I sit down and write angry email to my people, ask them make tick beside my Facebook name. Must do fast, otherwise this Friday I not politician anymore cannot get tick LOL.

Then after I send email another thing strike me (PS: Bodyguard Peter, nothing really strike me don’t worry ok LOL) – Yaacob can be next transport minister!

Why cannot? He already take bus! Just need to learn how to move in LOL.

But I scared for him lah. Transport not easy one. Bus never stop people complain. Train stop people complain. Everything also people complain, then they take your name and anyhow.

Very mean one.

But okay lah. Maybe if Yaacob become transport minister he can make changes.

Like everyone take motorbike LOL.


But first must wear helmet ok.



Tuck Yew


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