Singapore family planning policy is simple – The more the merrier.

Singapore couples are encouraged to have babies and the government is supporting them by providing significant financial aid, flexible work arrangements and subsidised child care services.


Pic: adapted from Baey Yam Keng FB

Proximity Housing Grants.  Extended Paternity Leave.

Increased Medisave grants for babies. Enhanced Baby Bonus.

Our article “Hey Baby – More Money and support for couples having children in Singapore” aptly summarizes the latest benefits and the type of support that couples in Singapore can expect when planning for their first child

GE2015 has seen oppositions criticising these privileges that we enjoy.

But if it is for the better than why not right? – Credible opposition mah… Check and balance  they said . .

Let’s take a look.

Reform Party is asking for a universal child benefit scheme that includes tax breaks for families and $300 monthly child benefit below the age of 16

Workers’ Party is mooting for unwed mothers to get the same benefits

SDP is asking for more maternity leave.

NSP will champion single mom rights.

Its all good and well that everyone is in agreement that more can be done to help Singaporeans have children BUT it seems like only the Singapore Government have come up with sound proposals and have put money where their mouth is and making good on their promises – to support you and your family, even during tough times.

Opposition’s family planning policies either argue for more benefits without going into detail the processes or they are just nit-picking what is already being offered and not offering any solutions.

Singapore family planning policies is critical for the future of Singapore.

While everyone wants more benefits, it has to be intricately balanced and considered with other factors such as labor competitiveness, productivity and employment.

On this end – the alternative proposals for family planning has yet to appeal to me.


Source: NDR 2015. Singapore birthrate on the uptrend after a decade.

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