We are slightly past the half way mark. There are now just 4 more days to polling day. I know this event comes up only once in 4-6 years but I am sorry to say I’m tired of election news.

Life in Singapore is just revolving around a single thing these few days: the General Elections.

For those of us that are politically neutral (i.e. we just want someone who can get the job done), our ears are aching and maybe a little bit deaf from the constant shouting. “VOTE FOR THE WP! VOTE FOR THE PAP! VOTE FOR (name of random party)!!!” Alright, I’ll remember to vote for someone come Sept 11th but there’s no need to keep shouting it at us. The more you shout it at me, the more I want to vote against that party you are telling me to vote for.

Not to mention, there’s been this constant flaming on social media.

My Facebook feed is no longer a news feed. It’s a warzone and worse still,  sometimes it gets personal and people block each other because of their political views. An election is supposed to bring in leaders who can unite Singaporeans and lead us forward, NOT turn us into enemies. If it’s in the political parties’ agendas to turn all of us against each other then perhaps, they are all wrong when they say they want a clean fight.


Our Social Media feeds today (Thanks to Wallpaper Up for the image)

Just a suggestion…

We all like to claim to be rational, responsible citizens but we shout down another person’s views, just because they are contrary to ours. Everyone is entitled to their own view, and you can comment on mine just as much as I can comment on yours (as long as it does not resort to name calling and such).

That is what democracy is about, not this ridiculous stream of criticism and insults.

Or maybe it is just too long…

Maybe 9 days is just too long. Maybe we just cannot control our emotions over the nine day period.

For all the talk about fearmongering during this year’s elections, the real fearmongering is going on on social media. Every comment praising the incumbents or criticising the opposition leads to a never ending of insults. Basically, no one dares to say anything that may lead to them being viciously attacked. After all, for all the complaints about stress, you’d want to go home and take a rest, not be viciously cut apart by some overzealous fanatic.


Perhaps we just need to say this a little more often….