The WP and the PAP are a match made in heaven. They ALMOST share the same ideologies for Singapore and can relate to each other analogies very well. If not for the colors of their WP uniform, WP candidates could easily be mistaken for being a PAP member. Their retorts to each other jibs are creative and witty and could well be one of the highlights of this GE2015.


Below are some highlights of their love for each other.

ESM Goh Chok Tong

“The opposition will be there just throwing all kinds of distractions.“You know the fable of the rooster that crows when the sunrises? The rooster goes around claiming that it’s the crow causing the sun to rise. So that’s what they’re doing.” (source)

WP Yee Jenn Jong

“It crows every morning because it is time to wake up. The rooster is telling the people, ‘Hey, wake up!’ That’s what the WP has been telling the PAP. That’s what you, citizens of Singapore, have been telling the PAP,” he said, as the crowd on the Hougang field cheered. (source)


Image: AsiaOne

PM Lee

“You voted for a tiger in a Chamber and you got a mouse in the House.” (Source)

Sylvia Lim

The Workers’ Party MPs voted against the White Paper.  But not a single PAP MP voted against it. Many speeches, but not one vote.  A PAP MP may think that he roars like a tiger in Parliament. But when it comes to a vote, the PAP MP is the real mouse in the house.  A little white mouse! (Source)

TMG-zodiac-mouse-300x300 TMG-zodiac-tiger-300x300

Image: The Middle Ground

ESM Goh Chok Tong

“PAP was a cruise ship with a destination, the WP was a gambling ship to nowhere” (source)

Low Thia Khiang

“I’m afraid the cruise ship is over capacity limit. It used to be a luxury cruise ship. The designer claimed that it’s not sinkable – the name is Titanic.


Image: Google

Analogies are very much like story telling but with a moral and a lesson to be learnt.

Singaporeans love these stories as they make the Ge2015 much more entertaining but it will not make them lose sight of the bigger picture at hand – voting for a credible government that has delivered on its promise for a better Singapore.