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Tuck Yew Diaries – Election Day 6

Dear Diary

Today I receive a comment, from a guy called Chester Lee.

So strange the name Chester. Is it like Fann Wong chest, Ann Kok chester, Fiona Xie chestest LOL.

Anyway Chester Lee ask me why I must help PAP put up banners, because minister like me put up banner very disrespectful.

Aiyah, answer very simple – I still PAP member until Friday mah! PAP member must support PAP, because sometimes I read the internet like nobody support PAP. So I support. Cannot campaign anymore, so I put banner, usher people lor.

Also because Hsien Loong tell me to do so lah. Cannot complain, Hsien Loong ownself also go give flyer, give until fall asleep in car LOL.


He choose to show sleeping face, but I show bicep. I more man right LOL.


Like what Chun Sing say, minister also human, got buy vegetable, got go market eat chwee kueh. I also human, so I can put banner.

Anyway receiving questions makes me quite happy. Means got people read my diary LOL. So ask me anything k? I answer when I can. If I cannot then I don’t answer LOL.

If you want you can put in the comments below. Then I answer you.

Don’t email my official email hor. No more access after Friday, so cannot read your questions. Cannot read means no reply, so put here better.

Also don’t email that Reach ok? Nobody go there one, I minister also don’t go LOL. I tell you all secret, why it’s called Reach.

Because they need to reach very far before someone will go there LOL.



Tuck Yew


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Disclaimer: This post is done in the spirit of fun, and no malice is intended. We also do not represent the views of Lui Tuck Yew or his diary.

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  1. Seah Choon Siang

    Thank you very much Sir, for serving the nation. I met you once at a meet the MP session to request for help, even though your letter did not achieve its required outcome. I was happy to meet a sincere, down to earth MP. Your retirement is a loss to Singapore. One last note, I do not think that you failed as a transport minister, I just felt that you were managing a very difficult portfolio which had lots of legacy issues. I wish you all the best, and I hope you will still stay around to champion the needs of ordinary people, even though you may not be in a position of power. Thank you Sir and all the best.

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